Solar Farm Fox Coulée, Alberta, Canada
Neoen and GOLDBECK SOLAR at Fox Coulee Launch
Neoen and GOLDBECK SOLAR at Fox Coulee Launch

GOLDBECK SOLAR celebrates Launch of the Fox Coulée Solar Farm in Alberta, Canada

TORONTO, CANADA – June 20, 2024 – GOLDBECK SOLAR, a leading provider of large-scale solar energy solutions proudly announces the launch of the Fox Coulée solar farm in Alberta, Starland County. This project, owned by Neoen, marks a significant achievement in advancing sustainable energy infrastructure in North America. The farm is scheduled for completion in the coming weeks following the launch event.

“We are thrilled to celebrate the launch of the Fox Coulée solar farm, a testament to our commitment to renewable energy and sustainability,” said Lenta Wright, Operations & Maintenance, Commissioning and Warranty Manager at GOLDBECK SOLAR. “This project not only underscores our dedication to expanding solar capacity but also highlights our largest endeavor in North America to date.”

The launch event, organized by Neoen and held on June 19th at the Fox Coulée site, welcomed visitors to participate in a ceremony commemorating the farm’s completion. Attendees enjoyed guided tours of the solar farm and its installations, gaining firsthand insights into the cutting-edge technology driving its operations.

The Fox Coulée solar park boasts an impressive capacity of 93-megawatt peak (MWp), contributing significantly to goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2035. This clean energy initiative is expected to supply electricity to over 20,000 homes annually, profoundly impacting local energy needs while reducing approximately 70,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions per year.

Ryan Dick, Alberta’s Province Leader for Neoen, concluded: “The Fox Coulée solar farm represents a major milestone in our efforts to expand renewable energy in Canada and we thank the GOLDBECK SOLAR team for their hard work and dedication. This first asset in Canada exemplifies our commitment to develop, own and operate best in class projects that prioritizes stakeholder engagement and environmental protection and to provide high-quality, sustainable energy solutions that will significantly contribute to both the provinces and the country’s carbon neutrality.”

As a gesture of partnership and to commemorate this significant occasion, GOLDBECK SOLAR presented a commemorative plaque to Neoen during the launch event.

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