Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC)

Tailored to ensure quality and value in one efficient partner

GOLDBECK SOLAR delivers the highest standard of professionalism for outstanding solar reliability and performance.

Developers, asset owners, energy providers, and even other EPCs choose GOLDBECK SOLAR’s tailored solutions to realize greater value across every phase of their projects.

Integrated from beginning to end, GOLDBECK SOLAR’s custom solutions combine civil, mechanical, and electrical optimization. 


We employ lean construction methods and commissioning expertise to deliver a comprehensive EPC partnership with our in-house experts.

Whether you need individual construction services or an integrated EPC solution, you can rely on solar energy success with GOLDBECK SOLAR.


Development with Passion for Energy and Technology

GOLDBECK SOLAR has access to a qualified team of highly qualified engineers renowned for their technical expertise. The solar systems implemented by our team have demonstrated optimal performance over many years of operation.

Our engineering team works hand in hand with partners from an interdisciplinary pool of different manufacturers to develop your system. With this shared experience, and this network of knowledge and expertise, we always keep our components at the highest level.

EPC – Your goal is our focus

We never lose sight of the wishes and goal of our customers: to benefit from a solid, optimally functioning, and economically successful solar system. 


Once the solution for a case has been found, all processes are standardized, designed and pre-built for execution. In this way, we minimize possible sources of error.

This quality chain covers the entire EPC process, from fundamental decisions to the smallest detail. It extends beyond material components, permeating every analysis, planning phase, and system implementation. This comprehensive approach ensures the solid quality of our PV systems, setting them apart as unrivaled in the industry. 


High-Quality Components and Services

For more than a decade, the GOLDBECK SOLAR purchasing team has been dealing with procurement for photovoltaic components. We have access to a network of trusted partners whose offers we can convey to you with confidence. 

Three criteria of our EPC services guarantee the safe procurement of reliable components:

  • Sound experience in purchasing photovoltaics.
  • A continuous quality assurance.
  • The qualification of products and suppliers. We check our suppliers down to the smallest detail to ensure that they strengthen the quality chain.

These factors ensure the high standard of security in our EPC services. This standard not only convinces our customers but also banks and investors, who have valued our expertise for years.

High-quality components ensure the performance of your PV solar plant. With our vision for technological development and our know-how in the solar industry, we generate considerable economies of scale. We only work with the best local suppliers for construction, installation, and grid connection to ensure a smooth process.

Implementation – How your PV Solar Plant is Created

Our photovoltaic plants are constructed under the strict supervision of our engineers. This is how we ensure high-quality standards that will meet your expectations. EPC also entails that our local partners adhere to these standards. We certify the companies that collaborate with us to meet these standards. They bring the knowledge and experience of local conditions; we bring the know-how of technology and international experience.

Many of our processes in the implementation phase are standardized. This allows us to work with maximum efficiency at every step. Holistic quality monitoring in all necessary areas of the construction of a solar plant ensures smooth implementation.

Our approach to realization includes:

  • A specialist in construction management in all trades.
  • Inspection of all incoming components.
  • Prefabricated and developed system solutions.
  • Project documentation according to IEC (International Electrotechnical Code).
  • Strict adherence to the industrial safety regulations.
  • Strict observance of the safety and health regulations.
  • Detailed risk analysis of all trades during all work steps.
  • The creation and consistent adherence to our logistics concepts.
  • Sustainable product training of the subcontractors.
  • Our floor-protecting assembly.
  • The self-evident restoration of your property.

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