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O&M: Operations & Maintenance

Once your solar plant has been installed and is in operation, we begin the long-term partnership-based management of your asset. Regular maintenance and monitoring services and operation – O&M services for short – are the foundations of value preservation, while technical plant management and engineering services ensure that your solar plant is professionally strengthened for the future.


O&M Service Products in Detail

After your solar system has been installed and commissioned, we will continue to be at your side as a strong partner. Our O&M services ensure the sustainable operation of your system based on economic, technical, and ecological factors. 

  • From our monitoring location in Calgary and Munich, and our service locations in Germany, the Netherlands, and the UK, we look after solar plants throughout North America and Europe.
  • Our Worldwide support of solar plants stretches from Chile, Mexico, Kazakhstan to Thailand.
  • With us, you get the most out of your solar project. Our plant managers have many years of experience and always keep their knowledge of photovoltaics up to date.
  • With the help of our web-based monitoring portal SUNERGY-Cockpit, they have 24/7 access to the operating data of your solar system and can see the performance for themselves. Via our secure data connection via OpenVPN, our system supervisors can access your solar system at any time, analyze faults and action their correction as quickly as possible.
  • Your system was not installed by GOLDBECK SOLAR? No problem. We also support third-party systems and are happy to assist you.


Our Contract Package

We are happy to customize our O&M contract packages with additional service products to fully cover your needs.

Sunergy®-Cockpit – Monitoring and Reporting

  • We are happy to offer you the installation of a display to visualize your solar system in a way that is effective for the public.
  • The SUNERGY® Cockpit displays solar systems clearly, even if different inverters and data acquisition devices are used.
  • With our know-how from plant construction, even complex conversions or extensions of solar plants are no problem.

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