Under side of a solar panel showcasing GOLDBECK SOLAR's Phlegon Fixed-Tilt Racking systems

Fixed-Tilt Racking Solutions

Phlegon® Fixed-Tilt Racking Solutions

Less Piles, Less Hardware, More Productivity

PHLEGON® FIXED ground-mount racking system is an innovative solution designed for evolving solar PV assets, including bifacial modules. Engineered with exceptional material strength and corrosion resistance, PHLEGON® FIXED excels in challenging terrains and corrosive conditions. The system incorporates pile-sharing and large pile span concepts, reducing installation costs and time. Combined with our Engineering, Procurement, and Construction services, we deliver the lowest cost per kilowatt-hour. This streamlined solution is ideal for cost-effective installations in tough climates, challenging terrains, or high-labor cost markets. Our kits, featuring hot-dipped galvanized steel, require fewer piles and less hardware, optimized by local engineers for various site conditions. PHLEGON® FIXED’s high slope tolerance minimizes civil works, while its large pile installation tolerances keep projects on schedule.

GOLDBECK SOLAR's Phlegon fixed-tilt racking system diagram

Uniquely Adaptable Foundations

Phlegon’s® innovative design and industrial-grade materials offer unique advantages. Unmatched in the industry, our diverse foundation options bring cost-effective, reliable tracking solar to landfills, rocky terrains, or soils with freeze/thaw conditions.

GOLDBECK SOLAR's Phlegon fixed-tilt racking system diagram

Tailored Integrated Solutions

Our one-stop shop for engineering, procurement and installation services means working with one partner under one contract. Even better, we can take care of your civil and electrical works as well. Whether you are a developer looking for a turnkey package, or a general contractor seeking a mechanical partner, GOLDBECK SOLAR customizes overall solutions to match your energy yield, timing, and cost objectives. Our commitment is to provide flexible solutions that simplify contracting and execution, reduce timelines, and ultimately deliver the lowest cost per kWh for utility-scale PV projects.

GOLDBECK SOLAR's Phlegon fixed-tilt racking system diagram

GOLDBECK SOLAR's Phlegon fixed-tilt racking solutions brochure

Phlegon® Fixed-Tilt Racking Solutions Brochure