Let Our PV Experts Unfold Your Success

Dynamic EPC team joins forces with, developers, and asset owners to power profits.

GOLDBECK SOLAR’s team of energy experts is based in Ontario and Alberta, Canada, with satellite offices in Nova Scotia and California. From system designers and engineers to project managers and construction teams, our in-house experts with decades of experience serve as an extension of your team.

Our Team

Meet our North American leadership:

Constantin Lindenmeyer

Constantin Lindenmeyer is the CEO of GOLDBECK SOLAR NA. Constantin started in 2019 as a trainee in the Collèges des Ingénieurs’ graduate program. Subsequently, he built up the Business Development and Strategy department. In 2021 he was appointed Head of Business Development and Strategy in charge of the development of the battery and Agri PV activities, further advancing GOLDBECK SOLAR’s transition from an EPC company to an integrated solar energy player, as well as new acquisitions.

After leading the negotiations for the acquisition of GP Joule NA, he was appointed COO of the newly acquired companies in Canada and the US. Since January 2024 he’s the CEO of GOLDBECK SOLAR North America. Constantin holds an MBA from the Collège des Ingénieurs and an M.Sc. in Sustainable Energy Supply from the RWTH Aachen University with semesters abroad at Harvard University and Stanford University. He speaks German and English.

Stephanie Mahoney

Stephanie is the Chief Financial and Corporate Services Officer of GOLDBECK SOLAR NA. She is an accomplished executive with over 25 years of experience in Finance, Strategic Planning, Risk Management, and Corporate Services, both locally and abroad. After obtaining her CPA, CA at Deloitte, Stephanie focused her career on supporting strategic growth through continuous process improvement, effective risk management, and forward-looking change projects, including 7 years as an Executive Officer (VP, Risk) at a TSX listed venture capital firm.

At GOLDBECK SOLAR NA, Stephanie aligns, bridges gaps, and builds efficiencies within our entire corporate functions, overseeing Human Resources, Accounting, and Finance. Stephanie brings with her a collaborative, highly inquisitive attitude and a deep understanding of how to successfully take a company to the next level.  Her network and vast experience in auditing, insurance, and financial instruments management in general are extremely precious to our growth and the larger projects we are embarking on.

Michael Kendon

As Vice President Engineering and Project Operations, Michael has responsibility for GOLDBECK SOLAR’s contract management, working with clients and key suppliers and partners to negotiate EPC and supply chain agreements, overseeing the delivery of contracts on behalf of customers, the internal financial tracking and performance of projects, as well as being closely involved with customers throughout. Michael brings over 16 years of national and international experience gained within the renewable energy and cleantech sectors of North America and Europe.

Rina Cornelius HR Director

Rina Cornelius

Rina is the Director of Human Resources. She has 15 years of industry experience specializing in establishing productive business relationships and resolving critical human capital business issues. When it comes to GOLDBECK SOLAR North America, Rina ensures compliance with HR regulations and handling employee relations by providing strong leadership skills for the organization. She has also been recognized for ensuring the field locations are working together and effectively with the corporate office. As well, she has successfully developed and directed a standard recruitment and onboarding process at a stage where the organization is scaling up exponentially.

Sarah Varaschin

Sarah Varaschin, the Director of Accounting & Finance at GOLDBECK SOLAR, brings a decade of experience assisting the financial landscapes of dynamic, high-growth companies across diverse industries. Having earned their CPA, CA designation at Deloitte, Sarah brings a large blend of expertise to their role. Sarah’s focus on people as well as process inspires an emphasis on streamlined operations, strong controls, and continuous improvement and innovation. With curiosity and collaboration, Sarah has a track record of leading the evolution of finance, accounting, and audit teams into true, strategic business partners that support organizational strategy and growth.

Brennan Orr

Brennan Orr, the Director of Project Operations at GOLDBECK SOLAR, is an accomplished project manager with over 8 years of experience managing wind turbine assets. With a background in Mechanical Engineering and an Executive MBA specializing in Human Resource Management, Brennan excels in organizing and leading multi-disciplinary teams. In his role, Brennan strategically coordinates various facets of project operations, such as planning, procurement, scheduling, and resource allocation, ensuring efficient and timely project delivery. He plays a crucial role in upholding quality standards, adhering to safety protocols, and fostering effective communication among team members and stakeholders.

Beniamino Giolitti

Beniamino Giolitti serves as the Director of Engineering at GOLDBECK SOLAR, bringing over 14 years of international experience in the solar energy sector. Holding both a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering, majoring in Energy Systems, Beniamino combines his academic background with practical expertise on all engineering disciplines.

In his pivotal role, Beniamino manages Goldbeck Solar’s engineering team, ensuring the successful planning, design, and execution of our solar projects. This involves providing technical leadership, assessing innovative solutions, overseeing quality assurance processes, and fostering collaboration across diverse departments to achieve project goals. His technical and leadership skills facilitate seamless teamwork among multidisciplinary teams, encompassing consultants, developers, owners, lenders, investors, contractors, and suppliers at GOLDBECK SOLAR.

CEO David PichardDavid Pichard

David Pichard is the Executive Strategic Advisor to the Company and a member of the Board of Directors. He has over 12 years of experience in the photovoltaic industry, with expertise in bringing together businesses, government, and communities to build cost-effective renewable energy projects. He joined GP Joule, now known as GOLDBECK SOLAR in 2014 and has grown the business unit by over 250 MWp of solar photovoltaic projects in Canada and the USA in his role as former CEO. David has an MBA from York University and an M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering from France and is proficient in English.

Stephane Le Berre

Stephane Le Berre is the Construction Services Director of GOLDBECK SOLAR’s North American Business Unit, with almost a decade of experience in the renewable industry. His expertise lies in managing construction processes and teams to deliver solar projects on time and within budget. As a clear and concise communicator, he ensures that clients’ expectations are understood and met. Stephane has previously run his own solar P.V. company in France, giving him unparalleled expertise in cost-effective solar P.V. project development. He holds a master’s degree in Business Development from the INSEEC BBA and is fluent in English and French. As the leader of GOLDBECK SOLAR’s construction, mechanical, and electrical managers, Stephane is responsible for coordinating all construction stages of solar P.V. projects in North America.

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