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GOLDBECK SOLAR Strengthens Presence in North America with Rebranding of GP JOULE EPC Division

TORONTO, CANADA – GOLDBECK SOLAR, a German-based leading provider of solar energy solutions, is thrilled to announce the rebranding of its North American EPC Division, formerly known as GP JOULE EPC North America. Effective immediately, the division will now operate under the name GOLDBECK SOLAR. This marks the final step in the integration process following the acquisition, to reflect its values, vision, and unique offerings.

GOLDBECK SOLAR’s rebranding represents the commitment to further strengthen its presence in North America, as it integrates the renowned expertise of both companies. By leveraging the synergies between the two entities, GOLDBECK SOLAR is poised to deliver unmatched solar energy solutions, catering to the evolving needs of the region.

Renaming of legal entities

The rebranding includes the renaming of the legal entities so that GP JOULE PV Canada Corp. and GP JOULE PV USA Inc. will now operate as GOLDBECK SOLAR Canada Corp. and GOLDBECK SOLAR USA Inc., respectively. This unified branding across the North American region ensures a consistent and recognizable identity.

Joachim Goldbeck, founder, and CEO of the GOLDBECK SOLAR Group expressed his enthusiasm for the rebranding, stating, “The rebranding of our North American division as GOLDBECK SOLAR is a testament to our commitment to the region and our determination to be at the forefront of the energy transition. We bring together the best of both companies to deliver high-quality solar systems that empower our clients to achieve their energy goals while ensuring a sustainable future.”

David Pichard, CEO of GOLDBECK SOLAR North America, adds, “Our rebranding as GOLDBECK SOLAR is more than a cosmetic change; it reflects our ambition to be a leader in the energy transition in the North American market while making a meaningful impact on the planet. With 22 years of experience in the solar industry and an outstanding local and international track record of 2.5 gigawatts, we are an ideal partner for clients seeking to achieve their sustainability goals. Our innovative mindset further enhances our ability to thrive in a rapidly changing energy landscape, making us a strong choice for any client looking to embrace renewable energy solutions.”

New brand image will be rolled out across all communication channels

GOLDBECK SOLAR’s new visual identity will be rolled out across all communication channels, reflecting the unified brand image of GOLDBECK SOLAR. Clients and partners can expect the same dedication, expertise, and support that they have come to rely on, with an even greater focus on delivering tailor-made solar solutions to meet their specific needs.

To learn more about GOLDBECK SOLAR, its rebranding efforts, and its comprehensive range of innovative solar solutions, please visit the newly launched website at The website will provide valuable insights into how GOLDBECK SOLAR is actively strengthening its presence in North America and driving the transition to a sustainable energy future.


GOLDBECK SOLAR is an international company that specializes in the turnkey construction of commercial rooftop and ground-mounted photovoltaic systems, covering the entire value chain from project development to the direct sale of clean energy. With 22 years of experience in the optimization and construction of world-class solar power plants, the company is a driving force in various markets.

The North American subsidiary was founded in 2011 and has extensive expertise in engineering, constructing, and commissioning exceptional photovoltaic systems. One of their unique values is the integration of EPC services – often completed by their experienced construction team – with the supply of fixed or tracking substructures adapted to the technical and environmental requirements of the North American market. While optional, this vertical integration helps guarantee process reliability, execution quality, and increased efficiency resulting in high-performing solar assets.

GOLDBECK SOLAR has offices across the US and Canada and has over 200 MW of operational sites to date throughout Canada and the Northeast and Midwest United States. This positions them uniquely to serve clients throughout North America. In 2023, the company expects to double its installed capacity in the market to 400 MW.

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