Photograph showcasing GOLDBECK SOLAR's Mahone Bay solar project

GOLDBECK SOLAR and AREA Mark Milestone Completion of Nova Scotia’s Largest Utility-Scale Solar Farms

Nova Scotia — GOLDBECK SOLAR, an EPC company specializing in the construction of large-scale solar power plants, and AREA, a municipally-owned clean energy project developer proudly announce the successful completion of two groundbreaking solar projects, Mahone Bay and Berwick, marking a significant stride towards sustainable energy in the province of Nova Scotia. These milestones highlight the collective vision and expertise of AREA and GOLDBECK SOLAR in fostering renewable energy advancements. 

A Commitment to Clean Energy Production in Nova Scotia 

Mahone Bay, situated on the South Shore, boasts a capacity of approximately 2.4MW DC, while the Berwick solar farm, nestled in the Annapolis Valley, reaches an impressive capacity of 4.8MW DC. These utility-scale solar gardens represent a robust commitment to clean energy production and signal a pivotal moment for Nova Scotia’s renewable energy landscape. 

“The completion of Mahone Bay and Berwick aligns with our dedication to advancing sustainable energy solutions,” notes Aaron Long, General Manager from AREA. “These projects mark a milestone not only in our partnership with GOLDBECK SOLAR but also in our commitment to providing cleaner, greener energy alternatives for Nova Scotians.” 

Tanner Davidson, Construction Manager from GOLDBECK SOLAR reflects, “Collaborating with AREA on these projects has been immensely rewarding. Our joint efforts have successfully realized the largest utility-scale solar gardens in the province, a testament to our shared vision for a more sustainable future.” 

Approximately 803 Homes Can Be Powered with Green Energy Annually 

These solar farms are set to make a substantial environmental impact. The Berwick Solar Garden is estimated to eliminate approximately 3859 metric tons of carbon dioxide annually, equivalent to removing 893 gas-powered cars from the roads. Furthermore, it is anticipated to power approximately 543 homes in Berwick, while Mahone Bay is expected to power around 260 homes annually, contributing significantly to reducing reliance on non-renewable energy sources. 

Operational Readiness Commitment to Sustainability  

Following their completion, the Mahone Bay and Berwick solar farms have now been connected to their respective town grids, marking a critical phase in their operational readiness. “These projects, along with the Antigonish solar garden that is still under construction, represent our commitment to the Nova Scotia Renewable Electricity Standard of 80% by 2030,” adds Laurie Boucher, Chair of AREA. “AREA, and the municipal electric utilities that it supports, are entirely aligned with the Federal and Provincial ambitions to accelerate the decarbonization of Nova Scotia at least possible cost to ratepayers while simultaneously delivering rural economic development.”  

Comprehensive Project Management and Innovation 

These initiatives exemplify AREA’s and GOLDBECK SOLAR’s comprehensive approach to managing the entire project value chain, from site selection and planning, to financing, ensuring the seamless execution of these groundbreaking solar farms. 

Both projects stand as testaments to innovation and commitment to sustainable energy. They represent a significant step towards a greener future for Nova Scotia and reinforce the collective effort to combat climate change. 

About AREA 

AREA, a municipally owned company proudly owned by the towns of Berwick, Mahone Bay, and Antigonish, is making significant strides towards a sustainable future. With a mission to establish a realistic path towards net zero in both the supply and end-user sides of electrical power, AREA is setting a commendable example in the pursuit of environmental responsibility. 

At the core of AREA’s approach is a firm belief in the power of community and collaboration. The company recognizes that achieving a greener future requires the collective effort of every individual in the community, and it is through effective teamwork that sustainable solutions can be implemented successfully. 

AREA’s commitment to collaboration is evident in its successful partnerships with municipal entities, government agencies, industry stakeholders, and customers. By bringing together these diverse groups, AREA has not only fostered a sense of shared responsibility but has also unlocked financial benefits for the communities it serves. 

“The transition to a greener future is a collective journey, and teamwork is the key that unlocks its full potential. We are proud of the strong partnerships we have cultivated with our municipal partners, government officials, industry collaborators, and our valued customers,” says Aaron Long, General Manager at AREA. “Together, we have not only achieved financial benefits for our communities but have also charted a clear and achievable path to net zero in the supply and end-user sides of electrical power.” 

AREA’s projects and customer programs are designed with a comprehensive strategy that addresses the complexities of the entire energy ecosystem. The company’s focus on both the supply and end-user sides of electrical power reflects a commitment to creating holistic and sustainable solutions. 

As AREA continues to lead the way in the pursuit of net zero, the company remains dedicated to open dialogue and cooperation with its stakeholders. By sharing experiences and best practices, AREA aims to inspire others to join the movement towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly energy landscape. 

For more information about AREA and its initiatives, please visit 

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